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‘Malaysia’s Biggest Student Book Writing Competition Unveiled by BriBooks’

by Topwitty

BriBooks, the world-renowned book writing and publishing platform for school students, is thrilled to introduce the National Young Authors’ Fair in Malaysia. This exclusive event is set to bring together some of the top schools in Malaysia to inspire and empower students to write and publish their own books. With a massive user base of over 600,000 from 26+ countries, BriBooks continues to champion creativity and literacy among young writers worldwide.

The National Young Authors’ Fair is positioned to be Malaysia’s premier book writing competition, providing a transformative platform for budding authors to showcase their talents. Participants will have the remarkable opportunity to write and publish their own books, gaining invaluable experience in the realm of literature. This competition offers a life-changing experience, with students vying for certificates and prestigious awards.

Moreover, selected works from the competition will receive international recognition, with some featured at renowned global book festivals like the Brooklyn Book Festival in New York, as well as prominent literary events in London, New York, and New Delhi. This exceptional opportunity will place young Malaysian authors on the global stage, celebrating their creativity and dedication.

Rahul Ranjan, Co-Founder & CBO at BriBooks, expressed his excitement about bringing the National Young Authors’ Fair to Malaysia, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of writers. The event aims to provide young writers with the tools and platforms to share their stories with the world, fostering exceptional talent in the process.

The National Young Authors’ Fair is an exclusive invite-only event for top schools across Malaysia. Schools interested in participating can reach out to schools@bribooks.com for inquiries or to apply for an invitation. This prestigious competition highlights creativity, education, and international recognition, inspiring Malaysia’s youth to reach new literary heights.

About BriBooks:
BriBooks stands as the world’s largest book writing and publishing platform tailored for school students, with a vast user base spanning 26+ countries. Committed to nurturing creativity and literacy, BriBooks equips young writers with the necessary tools and support to write, publish, and share their stories with a global audience.

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