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‘Peyu supports the Montañola Music and Performing Arts Festival’

by Topwitty

Humorist from Ozuna, known for his witty performances, is gearing up for an exciting event promoted by his production company. The festival, named (P)ausa, will be a choral celebration held in Montagnola from June 28 to July 26. The unique setting for the performances will be a goat barn at the farm owned by the production company.

Attendees can look forward to a lineup of talented artists including Cathares, Obesity, Marina Russell, Portet Chemistry, and Albert’s plan. The entertainment will not stop there, as the festival will also feature a clown show by Guillem Alba, the humorous charm of Peyu as the master of ceremonies, a captivating dance performance by Sannies and Laura Marsal, and improvisation and humor with Improvised Side Story. The intimate setting has a capacity of 100 people, ensuring a cozy and immersive experience for all attendees. Additionally, guests will be treated to a delicious dinner made from local produce in the enchanting forest setting.

The festival’s name, (P)ausa, encapsulates the essence of the event: a tranquil space surrounded by nature offering a variety of cultural activities during the summer months. It also pays homage to the region of Ausa, formerly known to the Romans as Vic, inviting attendees to discover its rich history and culture.

Comedian Peyu and his production company, El Corral, are committed to decentralizing the Barcelona show scene by bringing their theatrical productions to different locations. Through their campaign “Outside Barcelona,” they aim to support small businesses, promote local producers, and encourage sustainable tourism in the Osuna region. Tickets for the upcoming festivals and shows can be purchased on the production company’s website www.elcorral.cat, ensuring that audiences don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience these unique and unforgettable performances.

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