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“Reggae concert featuring Julian Marley & The Uprising and Captain Accident”

by Topwitty

Julian Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, has emerged as a prominent figure in the reggae music scene, following in his father’s footsteps with his soulful voice and compelling lyrics. With a captivating blend of reggae, roots, and dancehall, Julian spreads messages of love, unity, and social consciousness through his music, carrying the torch of reggae to new heights.

As a Global Ambassador for Reggae, Julian enchants audiences with his electrifying performances, connecting with fans on a profound level from small venues to massive festivals. Hits like “Boom Draw” and “Systems” have solidified his place in the industry, transcending generations and leaving an indelible mark on reggae music.

Joining Julian Marley on stage will be special guests Captain Accident, a reggae/ska/soul artist known for his unique blend of rock-driven soulful roots reggae, ska, dub, and rocksteady. With a live show that guarantees to get people up dancing, Captain Accident and his clumsy companions deliver soulful vocals, soaring guitars, and an infectious groove that captivates audiences.

Having toured extensively in the UK and Europe, appeared at festivals, and received high-profile radio airplay, Captain Accident is gaining recognition for his distinct sound and energetic live performances. The band’s collaboration with reggae legends Toots & the Maytals has further elevated their presence in the UK reggae/ska circuit, performing at prestigious venues and gaining a loyal fanbase.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a night of vibrant reggae music with Julian Marley & The Uprising, supported by Captain Accident on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at Cambridge Junction (J1). Tickets are priced at £37, and doors open at 7 pm. For more information and ticket purchases, visit the Cambridge Junction website.

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