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Success in promoting the Holy Grail and its impact in Europe

by Topwitty

The King’s Lady Festival recently showcased “Lucrezia D’Alagno and the Holy Grail” as part of its efforts to promote the Way of the Holy Grail as a significant Cultural Itinerary. This event took place at the Multimedia Museum Santa Maria delle Grazie in Roccarainola (NA) on June 1 and was organized by the IVI team of Naples, led by Salvatore Forte.

The performance delved into the life and myth of Lucrezia D’Alagno, an intriguing figure in Italian history who was known for her beauty, intelligence, and influence as the favorite of King Alfonso V of Aragon. Despite being celebrated by poets and novelists, Lucrezia never ascended to the throne, facing a tragic fate.

The event featured actors Annalisa Direttore and Antonio Della Croce portraying historical characters, with narrators Salvatore Forte and Francesco Afro de Falco guiding the audience through an immersive experience that combined live performances with multimedia elements. Attendees also had the chance to view a museum replica of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia.

Salvatore Forte encouraged history, culture, and theater enthusiasts to join in promoting the Way of the Holy Grail, Route of Knowledge, Path of Peace, to celebrate the heritage of the region and dive into the captivating story of Lucrezia D’Alagno and the Holy Grail in Naples.

The festival was organized by Itinerari Video Interattivi (IVI) with the backing of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Campania Region to advocate for The Way of the Holy Grail to the Council of Europe. This initiative is part of the International Association Cultural Itinerary of the Way of the Holy Grail in Europe, proposing the Way of the Holy Grail, Road of Knowledge, Road of Peace as a new European Cultural Itinerary.

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