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Summer Travel Offers a Mix of Distinct Experiences with an Emphasis on Wellness

by Topwitty

As the summer travel season of 2024 approaches, the latest data from Chase Travel Group indicates a shift towards experiential travel, wellness, and luxury. This trend is driven by increased flexibility in the workplace and a pent-up demand for travel post-pandemic.

According to Bryan Leibman, CEO of FROSCH, Chase Travel Group, people are now valuing travel more than ever and are eager to seize travel opportunities. Chase Travel has identified Lima, Peru, as the top trending destination with an 184 percent increase in demand compared to last year, thanks to the anticipated reopening of Machu Picchu in 2024.

In Japan, Osaka and Tokyo have seen significant increases in year-over-year demand, benefiting from new flights as the country reopened to visitors in late 2022. North America is also experiencing a resurgence in travel interest, with Anchorage, Salt Lake City, and Calgary topping the list of popular destinations.

Marc Kazlauskas, head of US brand operations and leisure travel for FROSCH, Chase Travel Group, notes a surge in demand for sports and entertainment events this summer. Beyond traditional tours and events, travelers are seeking unique experiences that blend adventure, cultural immersion, and culinary adventures.

From dune buggy rides in the Agafey Desert in Morocco to working with veterinarians in South Africa to help injured cheetahs, travelers are looking for bespoke adventures that enrich their overall quality of life. There is also a growing trend towards wellness vacations and luxury accommodations, as travelers prioritize their wellbeing and seek premium travel options.

Business travelers are also embracing unique travel opportunities, with a rise in “bleisure” travel where they extend work trips to include leisure activities. The overarching theme of summer travel in 2024 is centered around premium events, exciting experiences, and offerings that promote wellbeing and mindfulness.

Whether travelers are seeking out high-profile events or bespoke adventures, the summer of 2024 promises to be a time of revitalization, relaxation, and exploration. Travelers are stepping away from the ordinary and embracing luxury, wellness, and unique experiences that enhance their overall travel experience.

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