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Upcoming additions to the Magic City, like a new amphitheater

by Topwitty

Summer in Birmingham is heating up with exciting new businesses and projects on the horizon. From a new tattoo parlor to a French dining experience, here’s a preview of what’s coming to the Magic City.

1. Birmingham Tattoo Company | Avondale

Avondale is set to welcome a new tattoo parlor, Birmingham Tattoo Company, opening in June at the former site of Sanctum Tattoos & Comics on 4th Ave S. The shop will specialize in custom, pre-designed, bold, delicate, and fine line tattooing.

2. Birmingham Amphitheater | Druid Hills

The highly-anticipated Birmingham Amphitheater is officially under construction in Birmingham’s Druid Hills neighborhood. The venue, perfect for concerts, festivals, special events, and more, is expected to become a hub of entertainment for the community.

3. Rêve

Chef Jacob Stull is bringing a taste of France to Birmingham with Rêve, a pop-up French dining experience. Serving reservation-only tasting menus, guests can enjoy either a five-course or ten-course menu in various host restaurants in downtown Birmingham.

4. Wharf Casual Seafood | Moody

Seafood lovers are in for a treat with the opening of Wharf Casual Seafood in Moody this July. Known for its cajun-inspired dishes like fried crab claws, po-boys, and shrimp and grits, this restaurant promises to be a hit among seafood enthusiasts.

Excitement is building for these new additions to the Birmingham scene. Which one are you most looking forward to? Let us know by tagging us at @bhamnow.

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