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Ghosting 2.0: A Comprehensive Guide To Blocking Someone On Social Media

by Topwitty

Ghosting 2.0: Your Fun-Filled Guide to Blocking Those Pesky Peeps on Social Media in 2023!

Ever had that moment where your finger hovered over the ‘block’ button, and you wondered, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” Well, wonder no more! Welcome to your whimsical guide on how to hit that block button with flair and a dash of drama (because we all need a little excitement, right?). Buckle up, because we’re diving into the jolly world of social media blocking, ensuring your virtual space is as chill and cheerful as you are!

1. The Art of Identifying the Block-Worthy

First things first, let’s identify who gets the honor of being blocked! Is it the spammy scammer, the ex who still sends “Hey” at 3 AM, or perhaps the random aunt who’s a tad too interested in your love life? Whoever it is, if they’re stealing your joy, they’re ripe for our blocking spree!

2. The Classic Facebook Farewell

Oh, Facebook, the OG of social drama! To block or not to block is the question and guess what, we’re going for it! Navigate to their profile, click on those three little dots on the right, and voila! Send them into the abyss of the blocked! May your feed forever be free from their unsolicited game invites and political rants!

3. Instagram – Sayonara, Snapshot Snapper!

For the ‘Gram, it’s all about keeping those vibes high and the trolls out! Head to their profile, hit the three lines on the top right, select ‘Block’, and do a little happy dance because you, my friend, are now troll-free! No more unsolicited DMs or cringe-worthy comments on your fab selfies!

4. Twitter – Bye-Bye, Birdie!

For our tweet-tastic friends, it’s time to clip some wings! Visit the bothersome birdie’s profile, click on the three dots, choose ‘Block’, and let them fly far, far away from your peaceful Twitter nest. Your tweets shall remain unbothered by their prying eyes and unsavory replies!

5. Snapchat – Snip-Snap, They’re Zapped!

On Snapchat, where the snaps are snappy and the chats are chatty, it’s time to snip-snap anyone zapping your joy! Head to their profile, click on the settings cog, and hit ‘Block’. Poof! They’re zapped out of your Snapchat world, ensuring your snaps stay snappy and your stories stay secretive!

6. LinkedIn – Disconnecting the “Professional” Pesterer

LinkedIn, the realm of professional prowess, is no place for pesky pesterers! Navigate to their profile, click on ‘More’, and select ‘Report/Block’. Choose ‘Block’, and voila, they’re professionally ghosted! May your career updates and job changes forever remain a mystery to them!

7. WhatsApp – Waving Goodbye to the Wafflers

WhatsApp, where the chats are endless and the groups are… well, chaotic! To block that waffling woe-bringer, open the chat, tap on their name, scroll down, and hit ‘Block Contact’. Wave them goodbye and revel in the peace of a waffle-free chat life!

8. TikTok – Tick-Tock, Time to Block!

And finally, on TikTok, where the clock is always ticking, it’s time to stop the tock for some! Visit their profile, hit the three dots on the top right, select ‘Block’, and let them tick-tock away from your vibrant videos and delightful duets!

And They Were Never Seen Again… On Your Feed!

And there you have it, folks! A whimsical journey through the land of social media, where you emerged victorious, having banished the bothersome bunch from your digital kingdom! Remember, your online space is YOURS to curate, ensuring it’s filled with positivity, genuine connections, and a sprinkle of delightful dog memes. So, block away, dear friend, and may your feeds forever be fabulous!

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