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Accelerating Contract Turnaround and CLM Process Adoption Using Whatfix

by Topwitty

Compass Group Enhances Contract Management Processes with Whatfix Partnership

Compass Group, a multinational catering and food service company, has experienced a significant improvement in their contract management processes through their partnership with Whatfix. By implementing Whatfix’s in-app guidance, Compass Group has streamlined their contract management processes, leading to increased efficiency and a better user experience.

One of the key benefits of using Whatfix’s in-app guidance tool is the drastic reduction in digital training content creation time. Compass Group was able to cut their content creation time by 70%, allowing them to achieve a quick return on investment from their contract lifecycle management (CLM) transformation project.

Moreover, the implementation of Whatfix across multiple divisions and business units within Compass Group has empowered over 1,500 users to adopt Icertis faster and become more self-sufficient. This has resulted in a more seamless transition for employees using the new system.

Overall, Compass Group’s collaboration with Whatfix has proven to be successful in enhancing their contract management processes and driving efficiency throughout the organization. By leveraging in-app guidance and self-help support, Compass Group has been able to optimize their CLM transformation project and improve the overall user experience for their employees.

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