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‘Berkshire Opera Festival Reveals Permanent Venue’

by Topwitty

The Berkshire Opera Festival has found a new home at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. This exciting partnership was announced through a multi-year residency agreement between the two organizations.

The Mahaiwe will kick off this collaboration by hosting the Berkshire Opera Festival’s upcoming production of “Faust” in August. The preview will be led by Brian Garman and Jonathan Loy, co-founders of the organization. In an official press release, BOF Artistic Director and Co-Founder Brian Garman expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to expand programming and offer high-quality performances to their audiences.

Margaret Deutsch, Chair of the Mahaiwe Board of Directors, also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the venue’s longstanding goal of providing a platform for opera. The collaboration with Berkshire Opera Festival will not only benefit both organizations but also enrich the Berkshire community by supporting and developing world-class opera performances at the historic Mahaiwe theater in downtown Great Barrington.

This partnership between the Berkshire Opera Festival and the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center marks a significant step towards enhancing the cultural offerings in the region and providing a platform for talented singers and musicians to showcase their skills.

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