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‘Dandelooo’s Presence at Annecy 2024’

by Topwitty

French animation production and distribution company Dandelooo is set to showcase three special animation events at the upcoming Annecy International Animation Festival, taking place from June 9-15, 2024.

One of the featured events is “The Upside Down River,” an adaptation of the children’s novel “La rivière à l’envers” by Jean Claude Mourlevat. The series follows the story of Tomek and Hannah as they embark on a magical adventure to the Qjar River. “The Upside Down River” will be presented at the Work In Progress session on June 10.

Additionally, the outdoor public screening of “Dounia, The Great White North” is scheduled for the same day. This heartwarming 2D winter special follows the journey of 7-year-old Dounia and her grandparents as they find a new home and new friends in Canada after leaving Syria.

A special screening event on June 11 will feature “Hola Frida!,” the first-ever animated feature film about Frida Kahlo’s childhood. Directed by Karine Vézina and André Kadi, the film captures the vibrant and imaginative world of young Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan, Mexico. The event will include exclusive footage and music, with French pop singer Olivia Ruiz reading a selection of Frida Kahlo’s letters.

These captivating animation events promise to delight audiences of all ages at the Annecy International Animation Festival 2024.

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