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– Breaking Story: New Developments in the Investigation

by Topwitty

Dubai-based luxury real estate developer Dar Global has officially unveiled ‘The Astera, Interiors by Aston Martin,’ a new beachfront residential development on Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. This collaboration with Aston Martin marks the British carmaker’s first foray into real estate design in the Middle East.

With a total development value of 900 million UAE Dirhams (approximately £200 million), this project brings Aston Martin’s expertise in ultra-luxury interior design to the region. Set to be completed by December 2028, ‘The Astera, Interiors by Aston Martin’ will offer one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as three-bedroom villas.

Located near the upcoming Wynn Resort, the property promises a blend of sophisticated design and precision craftsmanship, reflecting Aston Martin’s renowned style and elegance. The development aims to provide residents with a truly unique and unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Ziad El Chaar, CEO of Dar Global, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the project’s commitment to providing exceptional living experiences for clients. Stefano Saporetti, Director of Brand Diversification at Aston Martin, emphasized the collaboration’s focus on merging innovation with traditional craftsmanship.

‘The Astera, Interiors by Aston Martin’ offers a secluded retreat on Al Marjan Island, surrounded by azure waters and picturesque landscapes. The development boasts a range of luxury amenities, including a private beach, infinity pool, fitness center, spa, and more.

Commercial inquiries for ‘The Astera, Interiors by Aston Martin’ are now being accepted by Dar Global, presenting an opportunity for individuals seeking a luxurious beachfront lifestyle in the Middle East.

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