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‘Dijkstra and Hindmarsh Honored with BUMA Award’

by Topwitty

Jappie Dijkstra and Paul Hindmarsh have been selected as the joint recipients of the prestigious 2024 BUMA Wind Music Award, celebrating their significant contributions to the brass band movement. The BUMA Awards, established in 1962, are highly regarded in the music industry.

Both Dijkstra and Hindmarsh have made lasting impacts on the wind and brass band genres. Jappie Dijkstra is a well-known figure in Europe, with ties to organizations such as the WMC in Kerkrade, Dutch and European band contests, Groningen Brass Experience, and the Repertoire Information Centre. Paul Hindmarsh, on the other hand, has had a successful career as a musician, producer, writer, conductor, arranger, and composer. He has worked at the BBC and served as the Artistic Director of the influential RNCM Brass Band Festival in Manchester.

The 2024 BUMA Wind Music Award will be presented later this year to honor the remarkable achievements of both Dijkstra and Hindmarsh. Their dedication and passion for the brass band movement have left a lasting impact on the industry.

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