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‘Exciting Performances at Holmfirth Arts Festival Featuring Circus Raj, Mind the Gap, Rogue Play, and More’

by Topwitty

Holmfirth Arts Festival is back for 2024, promising an exciting lineup of events from mid-June to September in the Holme Valley. This year’s theme, FLOW, draws inspiration from the River Holme and the surrounding area, encouraging local, national, and international artists to respond creatively to the landscape and its people.

The festival kicks off on June 12 with an Accessible Activities Amble for people with disabilities and their assistants, setting the tone for a series of events throughout the summer. The Big Weekend on June 15 and 16 will feature workshops, exhibitions, parades, live music, and performances from renowned companies like Circus Raj and Mind the Gap.

The festivities continue with a variety of events each week until September, including performances from New Mill Male Voice Choir, Dana Ali, and Daria Golovchenko. The festival will culminate on September 7 with comedian Kieran Hodgson performing his show, “Big in Scotland.”

Director Bev Adams emphasized the importance of inclusivity and community engagement, ensuring that the festival is accessible to all. With support from funders like Arts Council England and local organizations, the festival promises to showcase diverse talent and celebrate the vibrant Holme Valley community.

As the festival prepares to welcome a diverse range of artists and performers, visitors can look forward to a summer filled with creativity, culture, and celebration in the picturesque Pennine landscape.

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