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Exhibition Featuring Fred Tomaselli at Laguna Art Museum

by Topwitty

Laguna Art Museum is set to host a solo exhibition featuring the works of Fred Tomaselli in the autumn of 2024. The exhibition, titled ‘Fred Tomaselli: Second Nature’, will display approximately 50 new and recent pieces that delve into the intricate connections between art, nature, popular culture, and current events that are central to Tomaselli’s artistic vision.

Among the works on display will be Tomaselli’s meticulously crafted resin paintings, as well as pieces from his New York Times series. The latter is inspired by the front pages of the newspaper, providing a unique documentation of contemporary American history spanning from the Bush administration to the present day.

Julie Perlin Lee, the Executive Director of Laguna Art Museum, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming exhibition, praising Tomaselli for his ability to weave together important narratives that capture both the beauty and turmoil of our times. She highlighted Tomaselli’s skill in incorporating pressing contemporary issues into his visually captivating art, creating opportunities for meaningful conversations and a deeper appreciation of his remarkable work.

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