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‘Expansion of Event Ticketing Business into Oman by Platinumlist’

by Topwitty

Ticketing and event support system Platinumlist has announced its expansion into Oman, following successful operations in other countries in the Middle East. With a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Platinumlist is now venturing into Oman to assist organisers in staging a variety of events such as music festivals, cultural events, and corporate conferences.

Platinumlist’s chief executive, Cosmin Ivan, expressed excitement about the move into Oman, emphasizing the company’s aim to provide top-tier support and innovative solutions to event organisers. The platform is designed to enhance the event experience in Oman by offering secure online transactions, real-time analytics, and insights into ticketing strategy to maximize revenue and attendance.

Having recently expanded into Turkey, Platinumlist views its entry into Oman as a testament to its commitment to the Middle East region. In addition to supporting events, the ticketing system also promotes ticket sales for local attractions, ranging from historical sites and museums to theme parks and tourist hotspots. This initiative aims to streamline ticket sales and improve visitor engagement, ensuring that both residents and tourists have easy access to and enjoy Oman’s top attractions.

For event organisers in Oman looking to elevate their events, Platinumlist offers a reliable partnership focused on delivering seamless ticketing solutions and enhancing the overall event experience for audiences.

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