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“Transforming Liminal Spaces into New Environments”

by Topwitty

The London Festival of Architecture’s 20th-anniversary event hosted an expert panel discussion featuring professionals from urban planning, choreography, and architecture. The panel aimed to explore emergent behaviors in inhabited spaces, focusing on the gap between what ‘should’ happen and what ‘would’ happen.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to question urban spaces through a cross-disciplinary lens, with an emphasis on the important roles of both the public and professionals in reimagining the public realm.

The panel included esteemed speakers such as Vicky Spanovangelis, an architect, choreographer, and dancer from RIBA and UCL, Nat Keast, associate director at WilkinsonEyre, Susannah Hagan, emeritus professor at Westminster University and RCA School of Architecture, and Timothy Percival, creative director of ‘Non-Places to New Spaces’.

The event was led by Professor Igea Troiani, Head of Division, Architecture at LSBU, with an introduction by Kazeem Awotunde, LSBU-MArch ‘Placemaking & Performance’ and chaired by Andrea Tiberi, also from LSBU-MArch ‘Placemaking & Performance’.

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