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‘Win a Seat on the Train to Glastonbury with Nia Archives’

by Topwitty

Uber is creating excitement with plans for a 100mph mini-festival on a train headed to Glastonbury on June 26. Lucky passengers will get to enjoy a live performance by British jungle and drum and bass star Nia Archives, who will be playing on the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury.

The train will be transformed into the ultimate concert venue, complete with a bespoke festival lighting rig and sound system, turning up the volume as it travels from London Paddington to Castle Cary.

To secure a spot on the Uber Glastonbury train, festival-goers can apply for a free seat at splityouruberridewithnia.com. Winners will be notified on June 13, with the train departing Paddington at 7am on June 26.

Nia Archives expressed her excitement about the unique event, stating, “Never thought I’d be DJing in a carriage, but am sooo excited to start the party with ravers on the Uber train.”

Passengers will receive VIP treatment, including a special area at Paddington, luggage storage onboard, refreshments from Uber Eats, and a glitzy train ride to Glastonbury. Uber UK’s General Manager Andrew Brem mentioned, “We’re thrilled to be adding some magic to peoples’ journeys to Castle Cary giving them a brilliant kick-start to the UK’s festival-lined summer.”

For those who don’t win a spot on board, Uber will offer 20% credits on trips to Castle Cary in June. Trains on Uber were launched in 2022, allowing users to book tickets through the Uber app for National Rail and Eurostar services.

Glastonbury 2024 is set to take place from June 26 to June 30, providing a week of music and festivities for attendees to enjoy.

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