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Unveiling the third style trend in gifts.

by Topwitty

The Exclusively Show has curated a list of over 50 ‘super on trend’ products and brands out of the 300-plus exhibitors. The exhibition is set to take place on June 11 and June 12 at the Business Design Centre in London, where visitors will get a glimpse of the shortlisted winners at the Trends Showcase. This showcase is curated and endorsed by trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus.

Scarlet Opus will also host Trend Talks during the event, with seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to book a place on a Trend Tour to gain exclusive insights into the sales must-haves for now, 2025, and beyond. The Trend Tours, led by Scarlet Opus co-owner Phil Pond, run hourly, and pre-booking is recommended.

In a recent pre-show insight into style trends, Exclusively introduced the theme of ‘Resolve’, which reflects consumers’ lack of trust in official government and economic predictions. Phil Pond noted that consumers are seeking demonstrably genuine corporate social responsibility in products, leading to a focus on sustainability and the reuse of waste materials.

On the design front, there is a predicted shift towards warm metallics like bronze, rose gold, and copper, as well as cooler tones such as tarnished silver and pewter. In terms of wood, mid to dark tones, warm cherry or redwood, and blackened themes are anticipated to be popular.

Exclusively chair Will Jones emphasized the show’s reputation for predicting commercial trends in housewares, gifts, and small domestic electricals. He mentioned that visitors can look forward to engaging in Trend Talks, Trend Tours, and viewing exhibitors’ products that have been pre-selected for their trendiness.

For more information on attending Exclusively, interested individuals can call 0121 237 1130 or visit their website at www.exclusivelyshows.co.uk.

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