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New Antique Mall opens at former Grocery Outlet site

by Topwitty

A car show fundraiser is being organized for Jack, a teenager from Dayton who sustained burns to his face, chest, and arms while working on his Jaguar. Despite this challenging situation, Jack has displayed remarkable resilience throughout his recovery journey.

The car show event aims to show support for Jack and his family during this difficult time. Following the incident, Jack was airlifted to UC Davis where he continues to receive outpatient care. To support him and his loved ones, the community is coming together for a good cause.

The fundraiser will feature a display of unique and classic cars, as well as various vendors offering food and other goods. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in raffles, with all proceeds going directly to Jack’s family to assist with medical expenses and other needs.

This event is not only a chance to enjoy a fun day out but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a local family in need. Let’s rally together to show Jack our support and help him on his road to recovery.

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