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World Premiere of ‘The House on Mango Street’ by Glimmerglass in 2025

by Topwitty

The upcoming 50th anniversary season of The Glimmerglass Festival in 2025 will feature the world premiere of “The House on Mango Street,” an opera based on the renowned novel by Sandra Cisneros. The opera, composed by Derek Bermel, will bring to life the story of a Mexican-American girl from Chicago as she discovers her voice as a writer.

Artistic & General Director Robert Ainsley expressed excitement for the production, highlighting the festival’s reputation for captivating and innovative performances. He described the opera as a significant addition to their tradition, exploring themes of self-realization and identity.

Leading up to the premiere, “The House on Mango Street” will be workshopped during the 2024 season. Audiences can expect a private piano workshop in June 2024, a public concert reading on August 12, 2024, and an orchestral workshop on October 17, 2024. Conductor Jayce Ogren and soprano Mikaela Bennett will be involved in these events.

The opera promises to deliver a powerful and engaging experience, offering insight into the creative process and the journey of a young artist. Stay tuned for this upcoming production at The Glimmerglass Festival.

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